Sunday, August 14, 2011

Discover Beer in New England

After hanging around for almost 15,000 years – getting kicked around and beaten into a parody of itself – beer is the new kid on the block again in the U.S. And it's demanding serious respect. 

With 1,753 breweries operating last year (2010), there are more breweries in America now than there has been since the late 1800's. That's a lot of "choice".

Is choosing a beer be complicated and frustrating? It doesn’t have to be. With a few tricks, an adventurous palate, and some guidelines, exploring an endless array of beers is fun, infectious, and delicious.

Check back often for upcoming beer reviews, event reviews, and food pairing notes for insight and guidance. Learn how to better smell, taste, and appreciate what you're drinking. And be forewarned, I may get on my soapbox about a few areas in craft beer’s culture.

More often than not, I'll focus on New England's craft beer scene, as it’s home. But expect exceptions.

Start discovering better beer. You’re going to need more than a bag of pretzels. 

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